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Police Applicant Background Investigations


Host a class and get free training

PACE Police Training is currently accepting agency requests to host the Police Applicant Background Investigations class at their facility.


  • No cost to host training

  • Host agency receives two complimentary registrations

  • Additional host agency registrations are 20% off regular rate

  • Reduces travel costs for your team

  • Undercover Academy LLC handles registrations and billing and provides all necessary training materials

training room.jpg

Topics Covered

  • Creating a standardized process

  • Release forms

  • Sources of information

  • Investigative and interview techniques

  • Financial history analysis

  • Online searches

  • Social media examinations

  • Necessary reference checks

  • Applicant interview questionnaires

  • Military service

  • College verification

  • ADA and hiring Police Officers

  • Producing a clear and concise report


  • Classroom setting that seats at least 30 people

  • Computer, projector, screen and sound system

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