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 About Us

PACE Police Training is an extension of the extremely popular Undercover Academy.


PACE methodologies were designed to maintain consistency in tactics and investigative procedures. These standardized methods maximize the efficiency of investigations, minimize the risk to officers, and limit agency liability. 

PACE Police Training offers multiple classes that meet and exceed expectations.

Current class offerings include:

  • Police Applicant Background Investigations

  • Surveillance for Police

  • Basic Police Photography

  • Basic Crime Scene Evidence processing

Upon completion of the Police Applicant Background Investigations class, the student is given access to the online PACE Police Training document library. Here they can access all the necessary forms to organize and streamline their investigations.

​PACE: Progressive, Adaptable, Complete and Effective.

We have the training you need.

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Lead Instructor

Detective Andrew Jicha (Ret), a 26-year veteran of the Waukesha Police Department, is the founder of PACE Police Training and Undercover Academy.


Detective Jicha was employed as a detective for 19 years and worked undercover 15 of those years. During that time he conducted more than 1,500 undercover operations with narcotics, online predator and human trafficking investigations.


Detective Jicha was also a field training officer, tactical team member, crisis negotiator, ICAC investigator, and background investigator.


As a background investigator, Detective Jicha completed background investigations on numerous types of applicants including police officers, dispatchers, parking agents, clerical personnel and community service officers.

In addition to PACE Police Training, Detective Jicha is the creator of Undercover Academy.


Current class offerings through Undercover Academy include:

  • Undercover Drug Investigations

  • Online Predator Investigations

  • Surveillance and Team Tactics

  • Undercover Tactical Operations

  • Undercover Survival Tactics



Detective Jicha is currently a Law Enforcement Instructor at Waukesha County Technical College where he teaches Criminal Justice Studies, new recruits, in-service and specialized training.

Detective Jicha is a member of the following organizations:

  • International Law Enforcement Educators and Trainers Association (ILEETA)

  • International Police Association (IPA)

  • Law Enforcement Training Officers Association of Wisconsin (LETOA)

  • Wisconsin Narcotics Officers Association (WNOA)



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